#Poetry Wed: “The Birds of Rhiannon” by Rhian Edwards

“Before I was mortal, I was haloed
in feathers, my trinity of familiars;
whose birdsong was legend, serenading
the dead from their dreams, lullabying
the living to torpor. For the sake
of this world and him, I swallowed
my guardians, let them nest in my belly
and take turns in my throat. The sparrow
became my repartee, my grappling chatter
that flutters away the dead air. The mockingbird
staked claim as my mimicking tongue, parodying
the world as it heard it, to be droll,
to belong. And the thrush was poetry,
my childsong, my verse-voice, the brittle
thread to my blueprint life….”

-Read the entire poem at Poetry Wales.

Amanda Palmer: New Song “Labyrinth”

Amanda Palmer just released her eerie cover of “Labyrinth” from the musical The Grinning Man, based on Victor Hugo’s novel L’Homme qui rit. All proceeds benefit the Bristol Old Vic Young Co., a youth theater program in the UK.