Bell X1’s Paul Noonan: Hole in Her Heart

I’ve been enamoured with Bell X1’s Paul Noonan since his spectacular 2008 set at Mountain Stage and he seems determined to make me adore him even more with this new song. “Hole in Her Heart” was inspired by the literal hole in his baby daughter Aislinn’s newborn heart and the care she received during her stay at Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin. If that doesn’t tug your own heartstrings enough, all of the song’s proceeds will be donated to the hospital. The song was recorded as a lovely duet with Aislinn’s mother, Amy, for Noonan’s side project, Printer Clips…

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Jordi Savall: Bal-Kan Honey and Blood

By: Brendan

I recently stumbled upon some gorgeous music while listening to France Musique, entitled Bal•Kan : Le Pays du miel et du sang. Translated Bal•Kan: Honey and Blood, the collection is Jordi Savall’s exploration of music from The Balkans and it is glorious. The 3-disc collection comprises songs from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, along with Jewish songs of praise, gypsy improvisaton and many other elements. It’s an explosion of music that needs to be heard to be believed and is almost certain to be my favorite recording of the year. Hear more about it at NPR.

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Muruch’s Weekly Playlist, 11-21-14

What I’ve been listening to this week…

Not on Spotify: “The Lady of Shallot” by Loreena McKinnitt.

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Introducing Willow Willow…

Willow Willow’s new album, Listening to Music, is a delicious slice of retro girl pop. The standout track is “Sweetest Boy, Loneliest Girl.”

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Damien Rice: “The Greatest Bastard”

Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice has shared another song from his long-awaited third studio album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, which will be released on November 10th. “The Greatest Bastard” is that plaintive, gut-wrenching, classic Damien Rice sound.

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