Contrast Podcast: 2012 Festive 50 Pt. 1

Part 1 of Contrast Podcast‘s 2012 Festive 50 has finally been posted. It features Muruch‘s Vic introducing the title track from Anaïs Mitchell’s Young Man in America and Brendan intros “Better Now” from The Vesper’s The Fourth Wall. The two albums were #1 and #2 on Muruch’s Top Albums of 2012 list.

Contrast Podcast – 2012 Festive 50 Pt. 1 (mp3)

Contrast Podcast 2011 Festive 50

Contrast Podcast‘s 2011 Festive 50 has been posted. Part 1 features Muruch‘s Vic introducing “Booty City” from Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybear’s Scandalous and Part 2 has Brendan‘s poetic intro to “What The Water Gave Me” from Florence + The Machine’s Ceremonials. Both albums were on Muruch’s Top Albums of 2011 list.

Contrast Podcast Festive 50: Part 1
Contrast Podcast Festive 50: Part 2

Contrast Podcast: My First Download

You can hear Muruch couple Victoria & Brendan in the new episode of Contrast Podcast. The theme is “My First Download,” so we introduced “I Will Love You” from Fisher’s True North album.

Contrast Podcast – My First Download (mp3)

Fisher – I Will Love You (mp3)*

*mp3 is hosted by & offered as free, legal download on Fisher’s site

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Contrast Podcast: Best of 2010 (So Far)

You can hear my voice in the new edition of Contrast Podcast, which has the theme “Best of 2010 (So Far).” My pick was Anaïs Mitchell’s Hadestown album (click title for my review) and I submitted the 100% legal, label-authorized mp3 “Flowers (Eurydice Song).” Hadestown will almost certainly still be my #1 album of 2010 at the end of the year.

Contrast Podcast – Best of 2010 (So Far)
Anaïs Mitchell – Flowers (Eurydice Song) (mp3) *

*mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of artist’s PR rep on behalf of label

Muruch Hadestown Review

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Anaïs Mitchell Official Site

Contrast Podcast: Festive Fifty (34-50)

You can hear the voices of both Muruch writers Brendan and Vic in the first installment of Contrast Podcast’s Festive Fifty.

Brendan introduces “King of the Dogs” from Iggy Pop’s Préliminaires and Vic intros “Nice Very Nice” by Kurt Vonnegut & Dave Soldier from Ice-9 Ballads, which is on both her 2009 Top Albums and Best Albums of the Decade lists. Click the link below to download the podcast…

Contrast Podcast – Festive Fifty (mp3) *

*mp3 hosted by & link provided by Contrast Podcast