Introducing Willemijn Verkaik…

By: Brn

Are you sick of “Let it Go” covers yet? Because Dutch singer Willemijn Verkaik’s might be the best one I’ve heard. Her version of “Defying Gravity” is also great.

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Natalie Weiss

By: Brn

The only artist to appear twice on my top 50, Weiss is the most prominent voice in this “Gravity/Run to You” mashup.

And here’s her wonderful acoustic mashup of “Titanium” and “Clarity” as well as her version of “Skyscraper.”

I love her song choices – the debut Natalie Weiss EP includes “Only Hope.”

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Firewoodisland’s Fantastic Folk-Pop Cover of Sia’s “Chandelier”

Falling Slowly Cover

By: Brn

Skip forward to 8:10 in this BBC video to hear a gorgeous version of “Falling Slowly” by the band Blake with Rachelle Ann Go.

Muruch’s Festive 50 Songs of 2014

Muruch’s Festive 50 Songs of 2014…

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