Introducing Michael Persall…

If you like Puppies or Nutella” was the subject line for this Muruch music submission. I usually hate such press release gimmicks, but Michael Persall knew how to hook me and more importantly the 21-year old NYC singer-songwriter’s music and smooth falsetto lives up to the lofty subject teaser. “Stance” is from Persall’s upcoming second EP, This & That, and he will have a CMJ showcase on October 24th.

Michael Persell Official Site

Muruch Weekly Playlist, 10-17-14

What I’ve been listening to this week…

Missing from Spotify: “O Death” by Lotte Kestner (Vic Chesnutt cover), “Blue Moon Revisited” by Cowboy Junkies & Vic Chestnutt (live version from Trinity Revisited), “Fall“>Fall” by Victoria, “Amazing” by Johnette Napolitano, “Hotride” by Prodigy & Juliette Lewis, “In The Parlor” by Pina, “Amaritsi” by Luminescent Orchestrii, “Jazzy Fur Elise” by Pianafiddle and “Free Love Freeway” by David Brent (BBC’s original The Office).

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Kate Miller-Heidke: O Vertigo!

Kate Miller-Heidke’s new album, O Vertigo!, features her signature combination of quirky avante-pop and astoundingly beautiful operatic flourishes with a heavier electro-beat undercurrent than her previous releases.

The opening track and first single, “Offer It Up,” uses an electro-gospel multi-tracked choir of Kate’s voice as both backing vocals and rhythmic embellishments. We premiered the song here last month and you can stream it and other tracks below.

“Yours was the Body” is a sultry, trippy breakup anthem. From there, the theme of lost love runs through the rest of the album.

The album’s title track is quintessentially Kate: all quirky, buoyant pop and operatic trills…actually toward the end of the song it sounds like Kate is trilling, running, scatting, yodeling and possibly meowing at the same time. Her vocal range and control is supernaturally unique.

Passenger pops up on the atmospheric duet “Share Your Air” and Megan Washington sparrs with Kate on “Ghost,” which is like an updated “The Boy is Mine.”

The catchy, crazy “Jimmy” is another standout, while “What Was I To You” gives into heartbreak.

The final ballad “Bliss” is delicate and absolutely exquisite.

Kate will return to Mountain Stage on Sunday, November 26th as part of Charleston’s Festivall.

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Kate Miller-Heidke Official Site

Prince on Scandal

The song in the party scene of ABC’s Scandal was “Controversy” by Prince. So awesome.

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Introducing Clara Berry & Wooldog…

New Hampshire duo Clara Berry & Wooldog’s new single, “Riches & The Girls,” has a sultry, dark electro-pop sound reminiscent of Elysian Fields. You can hear it and “Air Traffic,” a track from their debut album The Magician’s Wife, below…

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