My Brightest Diamond’s Multi-media Baroque Opera

My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden continues her artistic magnificence with You Us We All, a contemporary, multi-media baroque opera shd composed with lyrics by Andrew Ondrejcak. YUWA was written for B.O.X., a 10-piece baroque ensemble, four singers, and one actor who inhabit the roles of the allegorical characters Virtue, Love, Hope, Death and Time. Shara explains more about the opera, its soundtrack, and some fantastic opportunities for donors in her PledgeMusic video.

My Brightest Diamond Official Site for RAINN Benefit Album feat. My Brightest Diamond’s RAINN Benefit Album & Fundraising Campaign Official Launch!’s RAINN benefit album & fundraising campaign officially launches this month! Donate $10 (or more) at’s fundraising page to receive your free digital album of for RAINN. This magnificent 25-mp3 album features: Concrete Blonde’s Johnette Napolitano, Sandman author Neil Gaiman, Midlake, Flogging Molly, Poe, My Brightest Diamond, The Mynabirds, The Voice‘s Kat Robichaud, The Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer, Man of Steel‘s Allison Crowe, Nashville songwriter Trent Dabbs, Meursault, Elysian Fields, Pamela Means, Fisher, Catie Curtis, Anielle Reid, Heidi Saperstein, Hannah Fury and poets Crystal Good, Kevin Kantor, and Clementine von Radics.
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Press Release:’s RAINN Benefit Album (Johnette Napolitano, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Poe, Flogging Molly, My Brightest Diamond & more!)

Johnette Napolitano, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Poe, Flogging Molly and My Brightest Diamond among artists on’s RAINN benefit album

To celebrate 15 years of sharing great music in July, has partnered with for a fundraising campaign and digital benefit album of music, poetry and art. for RAINN features music and poetry by Concrete Blonde’s Johnette Napolitano, The Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer, My Brightest Diamond, Poe, The Mynabirds, Celtic Punk band Flogging Molly, The Voice‘s Kat Robichaud, Man of Steel‘s Allison Crowe, Nashville songwriter Trent Dabbs, Sandman author Neil Gaiman, YouTube sensation Kevin Kantor and Ted Talker Crystal Good among many other talented musicians, poets and visual artists.

Cover Art by Muruch, Image ©Kate Zambrano

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Call for Music, Poetry & Art Submissions for RAINN Benefit Album

Submissions are now closed & the album press release is up.

Muruch is curating a nonprofit, digital album of music, spoken word poetry and art to benefit RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network organization and National Sexual Assault helpline founded by singer Tori Amos.

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My Brightest Diamond: All Things Will Unwind

My Brightest Diamond (a.k.a. Shara Worden) will release her new album, All Things Will Unwind, on October 18th. A “chamber pop” collaboration with chamber ensemble yMusic with lyrical explorations of everything from the complexity of the atom to class warfare to giving birth, the new album is full of quietly haunting beauty as well as Shara’s usual bombastic grandeur.

The stunning opener “We Added It Up” takes jaunty to a whole new level, not just in the jazzy song structure but in its plucky, whirling Ragtime orchestra instrumental flourishes. Think The Whitlam’s cover of “If I Only Had a Brain.” That is, until the song’s “love binds the world” Beach Boys finale of melodic, call and response vocals.

“Reaching Through to the Other Side” (which I first posted earlier this month) and “Be Brave” tread more familiar territory with their mingling of electronic beats, dramatic percussion and Shara’s eccentric vocal purrs and wails.

“She Does Not Brave the World” is one of the most gorgeous, emotive songs ever sung, and “There’s a Rat” plays like Kate Bush revamping an eerie Appalachian folk ballad.

There’s a nice hint of Big Band swing in “High Low Middle,” which examines Detroit’s unemployment crisis.

The duet “Everything is in Line” has an exotic, intricate arrangement embellished with flute and strings. The song is much more gentle than My Brightest Diamond’s previous works, but it is delicate, lovely and a magnificent display of Shara Worden’s beautiful voice.

The pump organ pedal squeak – seemingly in imitation of a rocking cradle – may have seemed precious in concept for the new mother ode “I Have Never Loved Someone,” but it’s an irksome distraction from what is otherwise a pretty, Enya-esque ballad. But this is a minor complaint compared to the scope and majesty of the work of art that is All Things Unwind.

My Brightest Diamond – Reaching Through to the Other Side (mp3)*

*mp3 hosted on artist’s website & link posted w/ permission of her PR rep

The album is not yet available for pre-order, but should be at the links below closer to the release date…

Pre-order @ Amazon

My Brightest Diamond – Official Site