#Poetry Mid-Week: “Eurydice” by Jeannine M. Pitas

“I listened as she came to share your melodies;
My own voice sang along
even as the weeds grew in my throat,
as the water lilies bloomed over my lips
so that my songs would not reach you

Still I stayed close
as my body transformed
into the river that gazed
upon the house you built without me”

Read the rest of the poem at Carte-Blanche.

Armed Love Militia (Fairuza Balk): “Stormwinds”

Actress Fairuza Balk has made her band/art collective Armed Love Militia’s 2010 single, “Stormwinds,” available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Fairuza wrote and sang on the moody, sultry track. The sound reminds me of early Elysian Fields, so of course I adore it. After re-releasing the song, Fairuza tweeted the good news that she’s contemplating a full-length Kickstarter album.

Fairuza Official Site