Luscious Jackson: New Mp3 & Album!!!!!

Luscious Jackson are back!!! I was just thinking this morning, as I was listening to Hole’s Celebrity Skin, about all the great albums, movies and books the “Millennial” generation has never heard of and briefly contemplated compiling a list before I remembered I barely have time to post about new music anymore. Luscious Jackson would be on that list. While many reference their hits “Naked Eye” from 1996’s Fever In Fever Out and “Ladyfingers” from 1999’s Electric Honey, my favorite LJ song remains pop/funk/disco tune “Here” from their 1994 debut, Natural Ingredients. Luscious Jackson will release their long-awaited, fan-funded, fourth album, Magic Hour, on November 5th on their own City Song record label. You can hear the new track, “Show Us What You Got,” and download a free, legal mp3 of “Are You Ready?” below…

Luscious Jackson

Buy @ Amazon (Available Nov. 5th)

Buffalo Tom: Free EP Download

Whaddya know, Buffalo Tom are still alive. Still alive and aging well, I’d say. Formed in 1986, the band was part of the early 1990s “alternative” wave and their debut was produced by J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. But Buffalo Tom is probably best known for their cameo on My So-Called Life (in which their song “Late at Night” was featured prominently).

Buffalo Tom are making their new acoustic EP, Bones available as a free download via their website. The EP features acoustic versions of two older songs, the excellent new song “Arise, Watch” from their upcoming full-length album, and a cover of New Order’s “Age Of Consent.” You can access the download by entering your email address into the widget below…

New Radio Station BobFM

There’s a newish radio station in my local area that I absolutely love. BobFM is on 101.5 FM in the Charleston, WV metro area and anyone can listen online at the BobFM website. Unlike some other radio stations in our area who claim to play “the best mix of music” (which is usually a bland selection of recent pop hits), BobFM really does play a truly diverse mix of music from various decades.

You’re likely to hear songs from the 1980s by Tony Basil, The Cars, The Go-Gos, Blondie, Prince and Janet Jackson followed by 1990s singles by Pearl Jam, Cracker, Sheryl Crow, The B-52s, Jane Child and REM with a few modern pop and rock tunes in between. It’s like an mp3 mix I would make.

BobFM Official Site (Listen Online!)