Allison Crowe: Exclusive Premiere of New Video Created by Muruch!

“Words” by Allison Crowe is my favorite song of 2013, so much so I was inspired to make a video for it. I’m pleasantly shocked to say Allison approved of my video enough to add it to her official YouTube channel. Featured on Heavy Graces, Allison’s second album released this year, “Words” showcases Allison’s fierce vocals as well as her newly acquired fiddle skills. I originally envisioned a video showing a couple’s turbulent break up to match the song’s angry lyrics, but George Hodan‘s somber series of photographs inspired me to depict a deeper grief – the loss of a child. Whatever the visual interpretation of “Words,” there’s an undeniable and quite remarkable intensity of emotion in Allison Crowe’s song. You can view the exclusive premiere of Muruch’s video for Allison Crowe’s “Words” and also download a free, legal mp3 of the song below…

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