Introducing Vast & Harker…

Vast & Harker are an ambient/dubstep/triphop duo fronted by a producer who apparently goes by several Vast-variant aliases – Vast, Vast Arts, Vast Minority, etc. I especially like the atmospheric instrumentals “Aurora,” “Falling” and “Dance of Dawn” – the latter features a sample of an African Bayaka tribe performing their traditional early morning song “Yelli.”

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Bing Satellites: The Dream

Guest Post By: Brendan

Our friend Brin has released a new Bing Satellites EP, The Dream. It’s a glorious concoction of sounds, representing a singular talent. If you haven’t jumped into his world yet, now’s your chance. Bing Satellites gets several hours of play each week in the Muruch house and has become a respite from the stresses of life.

The Dream by Bing Satellites

Bing Satellites Official Site