Introducing Anielle Reid…

Oh how I love this! Pretty voice, lovely Americana melody and some freakin’ awesome banjo and fiddle instrumentation. Singer-songwriter Anielle Reed’s music needs to be heard. You can download a “Name Your Price” of her aptly titled debut EP, Ain’t Like Them, here.

Anielle Reed Official Site

Queen Esther: New Album & Video!

Queen Esther is one of those singers that should be heard by everybody everywhere. Seriously, she should be booked on Mountain Stage, guest singing with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon, have a cameo singing in the Bluebird CafĂ© on Nashville and performing on every other tv and radio show that features music. If nothing else, there should be more than just my blog sharing her sound on Hype Machine since 2007. Sigh. Hopefully the long-awaited release of her new “Black Americana” album, The Other Side, will wake more people up to her talent. That voice with that music? Just too good. To prove my point, here’s her new lyric video:

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Queen Esther Official Site

David Luning on American Idol

Americana singer-songwriter David Luning was a standout in last week’s shockingly good season premiere of American Idol (just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!). His independent album, Just Drop By, sounds as good as his audition. You can download 2 free, legal mp3s by signing up for his email list at his official site and hear samples below…

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The Coal Men: Escalator

The Coal Men’s fourth release, Escalator, is solid Americana album set for release by Todd Snider’s Aimless Records on August 27th. The standout tracks truly standout – particularly the Jack Whitesque blues-rock grind “Stuck” and the panoramic ballad “Tennessee.” You can download a free, legal mp3 of the former and stream the latter below. Also of note are the quirky, laidback blues ditty “Sanity” and the amped up rock riffs of “One Thing At a Time.”

The Coal Men Official Site

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