D’Angelo: Black Messiah

Now this is an album. You see, once upon a time, instead of auto-tuned pop puppets churning out vapid radio singles, there were artists who took years, sometimes decades, to conceive, create, collaborate and masterfully hone their music-making craft before even stepping one tiptoe into a studio to record an album. That is why and how there is a Kind of Blue, a Tapestry, a Zoso, a Purple Rain, a Ten, The Archandroid and, now, a Black Messiah. D’Angelo has gifted the world with a work of Shakespearan proportions in an era of penny dreadfuls.

in a world where we all circle the fiery sun,
with a need for love, what have we become?
tragedy flows unbound and there’s no place to run

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Black City Lights: Another Life

Black City Lights’ debut album, Another Life, is a sexy and very moody collection. At times the band’s dark, trippy electro-pop style sounds like a mix of Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Julee Cruise, Lacuna Coil and MS MR. It’s one of those albums that flows seamlessly from beginning to end, but my favorite tracks are “Give It Up” and “Offering.” Which works out very well for you, since both fab tracks are available as free, legal mp3s. You can still nab “Give It Up” in this post from June and the new single, “Offering,” is below. Note: You have to click on the Soundcloud logo on each widget to download the mp3s at SoundCloud. Shortcuts: “Offering” Mp3 Page and “Give It Up” Mp3 Page.

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Black City Lights: Give It Up Mp3

Black City Lights’ new single, “Give It Up,” is a dramatic, trippy piece of electro-pop. The song is from Black City Lights’ upcoming debut album, Another Life, which will be released on August 6th. You can stream and/or download the free, legal mp3 via SoundCloud below…

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