Allison Crowe: Scared (Anti-Abuse / Rape / Domestic Violence Song)

This song is about not being afraid to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, to speak out even in the most adverse of circumstance.
– Allison Crowe

We do not see
So blindly forgotten
The pain unspoken
Torturous mystery

Why can’t you say what has been done to you
you are not wrong and you should not…

Why do you stand
for silence when you know you’re screaming
anger floats so deeply below the surface
why do you carry this on your shoulders,
you did not create this

and I am not afraid to say

I am not wrong and I am not dirty
I will not wait for karma to take its course
Now I am not afraid and I am not worthless no
I am not wrong
No I am not

I am not ashamed of this
I am taking you on, and
I am not scared of you

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Dallinda Patton: Me and a Gun (Tori Amos Cover)

While browsing Youtube for Tori Amos videos, I stumbled across this extraordinary acapella cover of “Me and a Gun” by Dallinda Patton.

Dallinda’s description of her video says: “This song means the world to me, as a rape victim just the words express how I feel, this is my first cover. If you like it please give me a thumbs up (if you or somebody you know have been sexually abused please call 1-800-656-4673 it’s free and confidential.

Knowing her personal connection to the song’s painful lyrics makes her performance even more haunting, so much so it brought tears to my eyes. Yet Dallinda’s beautiful voice and impressively professional vocal phrasing would make any song sound magnificent. I really hope this isn’t the last time we get to hear her astounding voice…