TV: The Café

My new favorite show is The Café, a quirky, picturesque British sitcom set in a small seaside town. Kathryn Williams’ pretty, airy cover of “Beyond the Sea” serves as the series’ theme song and sets the tone of this sweet, funny and very charming little show. I’ve been watching The Café on my local PBS affiliate on Saturday mornings at 11a.m. EST, but it seems to bounce around the schedule so check your local tv listings and catch it when you can.

Haiku DVD Review: Cranford

Sometimes what I love the most seems to be the most difficult to put into words. I watched the BBC mini-series Cranford – based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel and starring the incomparable Judi Dench and the hilarious Imelda Staunton – weeks ago and laughed, cried, and loved it so intensely that I’m unable to write a proper review. So you get a haiku instead…

Wonderful Cranford
Funny, heart-wrenching brilliance
Awesome Judi Dench

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