Current Read: Carnivalesque by Neil Jordan

Carnivalesque by Irish director/author Neil Jordan is a modern day fable in which a boy becomes trapped in a carnival hall of mirrors while his reflection/doppelgänger/changeling/clone goes home with his parents. Thrilling plot and lyrical writing. So far I love it.

He knew that spot of waste ground; he had played on it when they first moved her and could measure the extent of the field by his running feet. But the carnival that filled it now seemed endless, somehow. It had its own little backstreets, its alleyways of hanging bulbs and ghost trains and Punch and Judy stands and caravans with painted carnival folk sitting on the steps smoking and laughing with each other like his family once used to laugh, he seemed to remember. It had its bumper rides and its old-fashioned carousel and even a small circus tent where he could glimpse athletic girls in tutus twirling on ropes that seemed to vanish into the gloom above them. But there was a queue outside that so he gave it a miss. He played dodgems with his father while his mother bought candyfloss and it was sometime after the ridge on the old-fashioned carousel with his mother, his face buried in that same candyfloss, he noticed the Hall of Mirrors…”

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