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The Mindy Project’s Adam Pally Interviews Martellus Bennett

The Mindy Project‘s Adam Pally and Parks & Recreation/House of Lies‘ Ben Schwartz guest hosted The Late Late Show on CBS this week. The entire episode was entertaining, but their interview with Chicago Bears football player Martellus Bennett may be the funniest late night segment ever. Between the font jokes and book talk, I’m a little in love with Martellus.

You can watch the Martellus Bennett interview clip at CBS and the full episode below…

Muruch’s Top Books of 2014

Muruch’s Top 10 Books of 2014…

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Current Read: Shotgun Lovesongs

Eloquent, evocative prose pitting smalltown charm against rockstar fame…a Springsteen album in novel form.

sing like you’ve got no audience,
sing like you don’t know what a critic is,
sing about your hometown,
sing about your prom,
sing about deer, sing about the seasons,
sing about your mother

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