Eliza Doolittle

Brendan shares his enamour with Eliza Doolittle’s self-titled album below…

Eliza Doolittle is the stage name of Eliza Sophie Caird, who comes from an arty London family. Her father, musical writer and director John Caird, recently worked with André Previn on Brief Encounter, and her mother won a Tony award for her performance in Les Misérables.

Eliza’s self-titled album was released in the UK in 2010, in the US in 2011, came to my attention through her performance on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson last month, and is plumb full of perfect pop hits! Perhaps my status as a recovering pop addict makes me more susceptible to this sort of thing – yes, I was the proud owner of cassettes by Take That and many issues of Smash Hits magazine in the 1990s – but this has quickly become one of my favorite albums of recent years, and is one of few I can listen to all the way through repeatedly.

Every day, a different song from this album comes to mind and I can’t wait to hear it again. One standout track is “Pack Up,” which features a superb guest vocal from British Gospel singer Lloyd Wade. The fact that he’s sampling a song published in 1915 is one of many reasons why I love this album.

More reasons? Hand clapping, mandolin, maracas, melodica, glockenspiel, whistle, cello and ukulele are among the many instruments used on the album. A toy drum kit is used on one track (“Rollerblades,” currently featured on a Toyota commercial), and on another, Eliza tweets – as in makes sounds like a bird (‘bird’ as in ornithology, not as in slang for chick). Also, Eliza co-wrote all the songs on the album.

If you need music that will make you happy, and I know you do, you need to seek out Eliza Doolittle.


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The Good Natured: Skeleton

I love bands, such as The Concretes and The Bird & The Bee, who combine catchy electro-pop with airy dream-pop. British “pop-noir trio” The Good Natured does exactly that on their new album, Skeleton. What sets The Good Natured’s songs apart is the occasional splash of exotic strings or thunderous, syncopated beats. I’m enjoying this album immensely. You can download a free, legal mp3 of the track “Wolves” by signing up for the band’s official email list.

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The Good Natured Official Site