Mp3 Menagerie: Burnt Ones, Vincent Minor, Joey + Rory

Burnt Ones – Burnt To Lose (mp3)*

Fantastic, trippy retro-psychedelic number from Burnt Ones’ upcoming debut Black Teeth & Golden Tongues, to be released August 10th. The band is signed to Roaring Colonel Records, the new label by My Old Kentuckey Blog.

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*mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of band’s PR rep

Burnt Ones MySpace


Vincent Minor – Late Night Show (mp3)*

Pleasant, quirky boy pop from singer-songwriter Vincent Minor’s self-titled album, to be released September 21st.

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*mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of artist’s PR rep


Joey + Rory – This Song’s For You (click for download page) **

You can download a new song by Joey + Rory (featuring Zac Brown Band) by entering your email address at the above link on their official site. You may recall that another mp3 by the duo was the catalyst for my battle with Blogger two years ago (summarized on my About page), but neither the band or even their label were responsible for that. And they sure make some great, old-fashioned country music. Their sophmore album Album Number Two will be released September 14th.

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**link to band’s site provided by & posted w/ permission of label