The Flying Dutchman’s World Cup Goal

In case you missed Robin Van Persie’s gravity-defying World Cup goal during the Spain vs. The Netherlands match, here’s the video. Editor Vic was a Spain fan, but The Flying Dutchman won her over…

and here’s the Wagner piece that inspired his nickname…

Sir Mix-A-Lot & Seattle Symphony: Baby Got Back Live

Two of my fave things: classical music and one hit wonders! Rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot surprised the classical crowd at a recent Seattle Symphony performance by joining the orchestra for a lively, string-accented version of his hit “Baby Got Back” and bringing some of the female audience members on stage to dance….

Samuel Barber: Molto Adagio from String Quartet in B minor

By: Brendan

Download a free, legal mp3 of the iconic Molto Adagio from Barber’s String Quartet in B minor along with works by Beethoven and Schubert thanks to The Dover Quartet at Performance Today (mp3 download page).