She & Him: New Album Announcement!

She & Him (a.k.a. M. Ward and New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel) just announced the upcoming release and tracklist of their new covers album, Classics. Set for release on December 2nd, Classics will include She & Him’s interpretation of a wide range of “golden oldies” — from Broadyway and Bacharach to Sinatra and Dusty Springfield.

Classics Tracklist:
1. “Stars Fell on Alabama”
2. “Oh No, Not My Baby”
3. “It’s Not for Me to Say”
4. “Stay Awhile”
5. “This Girl’s in Love With You”
6. “Time After Time”
7. “She”
8. “Teach Me Tonight”
9. “It’s Always You”
10. “Unchained Melody”
11. “I’ll Never Be Free”
12. “Would You Like to Take a Walk”
13. “We’ll Meet Again”

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DVD Review: The Good Fairy

The Good Fairy is a fantastic classic film that starred Margaret Sullavan and Frank Morgan of The Shop Around The Corner. Margaret Sullavan seems to have been the Amy Adams of her day – a vivacious, adorable actress who infused an innocent, childlike charm into each of her characters.

In The Good Fairy, Sullavan plays an orphan named Luisa who struggles to make it on her own in the big city. Poor but optimistic, Luisa grows into a somewhat materialistic gal who fends off the unwanted advances of various suitors by claiming she’s married.

Things become complicated when this tactic elicits a bizarrely generous offer for her imaginary husband from a rich businessman (Frank Morgan). In a misguided attempt to play “The Good Fairy” to a stranger in need, Louisa plucks a random name from the phonebook to be the recipient of this unexpected, lucrative opportunity. She then sets off to find the stranger in hopes of sharing in his new found wealth.

Being that this was a romantic comedy, Louisa of course fails to confess her deceit to her clueless beneficiary or their eccentric benefactor until it is too late and the three have become embroiled in a hilariously awkward love triangle.

The comedic talents of Margaret Sullavan and Frank Morgan are on brilliant display throughout this delightful film, making even the more predictable aspects of the plot seem fresh and extremely entertaining.

I’d never even heard of The Good Fairy until this week, but it is a new (classic) favorite of mine. It also had one of the sweetest, most romantic endings ever.

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