Dead Can Dance: Anastasis

Dead Can Dance fans such as myself have eagerly awaited the release of Anastasis. The band’s first album of new material in sixteen years, Anastasis is aptly titled for the Greek word meaning “resurrection.” It’s finally here and, though not as exotic and exciting as I’d hoped, it is unusual and beautiful in its own dark way.

The opening tracks “Children of the Sun” and “Anabasis” give respective reintroductions to the extraordinary voices of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerard, but the arrangements lack some of the exotic fire of previous releases.

Songs like “Agape” and “Kiko” are more fitting returns for this very unique band. Dark, multi-instrumental melodies dance beneath Lisa’s haunting wails. The songs are reminiscent of the best from Into the Labyrinth and Toward the Within.

“Return of the She-King” churns lovely Medieval folk instrumentation and Gothic choral voices with almost militant electronic beats.

Brendan Perry’s solemn, astounding voice bids the album farewell with “All in Good Time.”

In a time when music is often so shallow and disposable, it is truly refreshing to listen to music – to a band – that has so much substance and beauty.


You can download the first single, “Amnesia,” by entering your email address into the below widget and you can stream the entire album here.

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