Mp3 Menagerie: Dean & Britta, Lucy Schwartz, Aidan Knight

Dean & Britta – Making Me Smile (mp3) *

I don’t know if “indie-lullaby” was an official sub-genre before, but it certainly is now. This sweet song is from the upcoming charity compilation Sing Me To Sleep, which benefits the children’s charity The Valerie Fund. The album features lullabies and covers by Stars, Laura Gibson, Trespassers William, O+S, Tanya Donelly, Telekinesis, The Real Tuesday Weld, Julie Peel, and Sigur Rós among others. It will be released by American Laundromat Records on May 18.

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Lucy Schwartz – Help Me! Help Me! (mp3 expired) *

Singer-songwriter Lucy Schwartz returns with the EP Help Me! Help Me! on January 26.

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Aidan Knight – Jasper (mp3)*

Atmospheric indie-folk with a warm voice. Singer-songwriter Aidan Knight will release his new album Versicolour on March 2.

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