Introducing Vast & Harker…

Vast & Harker are an ambient/dubstep/triphop duo fronted by a producer who apparently goes by several Vast-variant aliases – Vast, Vast Arts, Vast Minority, etc. I especially like the atmospheric instrumentals “Aurora,” “Falling” and “Dance of Dawn” – the latter features a sample of an African Bayaka tribe performing their traditional early morning song “Yelli.”

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Dysphemic & Miss Eliza: Hungarian Dance Video & Mp3!

It was just over a year ago when we first introduced you to “Classical Dub-step” duo Dysphemic & Miss Eliza. The duo is offering a free, legal mp3 download of “Hungarian Dance,” one of the tracks on their Synthetic Symphony EP, as well as their futuristic new video for the song…

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Dysphemic & Miss Eliza Official Site

Broken Tempo: You

I love that the few bands who actually follow my review submission guidelines (found on the About page) are really good. Broken Tempo was the most recent to email me their music and I love their new single, “You.” The Greek band’s sound reminds me of early Evanescence or Lacuna Coil. I hope they’re working on a full-length album. I even like the dubstep remix, even though I usually hate remixes. You can hear the original and the remix below.

Broken Tempo Official Site

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