Kat Maslich-Bode: The Road of 6

Remember Eastmountainsouth? They were one of the my favorite indie bands in the early aughts. Since then, one half of the duo – Peter Bradley Adams – has released a few solo albums. But his feminine counterpart seemed to disappear…until now. Kat Maslich-Bode’s six-track solo debut, The Road of 6, will be officially released by Mishara Records on January 18th and is already available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes. A lovely little collection of folk-influenced pop and country, The Road of 6 is carried by Kat’s warm and substantial voice. The album features guests Mary Chapin Carpenter, Glen Phillips, and Jim Lauderdale.

The opener “March” is a pretty love song in which Mary Chapin Carpenter contributes backing vocals. Kat wrote the ballad for her husband on their wedding day and incorporated the ultrasound of her daughter’s heartbeat into the beginning and end of the track.

Tim Easton’s song “J.P.M.F.Y.F.” (an abbreviation for the chorus lyric “Jesus protect me from your followers”) addresses religious extremism, particularly certain perverted, hate-driven forms of Christianity. Kat’s heartfelt, low key deliver anchors the potentially controversial cover.

Toad the Wet Sprocket’s Glen Phillips lends his voice to “Sky Falls,” a song about depression, and Jim Lauderdale appears on the Coal Miner’s Daughter-inspired “Poor Old Town.”

Kat co-wrote “Back Home” with her former Eastmountainsouth partner, Peter Bradley-Adams. The song is a tribute to a childhood friend of Kat’s who died in a car crash.

The stand out track is Kat’s soulful rendition of The Blue Nile’s “Let’s Go Out Tonight,” a song she says she fell in love with at a party when she was just thirteen. The cover is a grand finale to this far too brief, but beautiful song cycle.

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The Road Of 6 - Kat Maslich-Bode

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Peter Bradley Adams: Leavetaking

Leavetaking is the fantastic sophomore solo effort from singer-songwriter Peter Bradley Adams and will be released on August 5th. I sought out his album after seeing his name listed as an upcoming performer at Mountain Stage, then I discovered that Adams was formerly a member of Eastmountainsouth! If their name is unfamiliar, Eastmountainsouth was a pop-folk duo that I loved back in 2003, who were more recently featured on the Elizabethtown soundtrack. I’m happy to say that Peter’s solo material is just as good, perhaps even more so since there seems to be a bit more substance to his songwriting now.

The title Leavetaking and the album’s overall theme were inspired by a line in Mark Strand‘s poem “The View”: “He’s always been drawn to the weather of leavetaking“.

The opening track “The Longer Run” is a sweet Americana tune. The arrangement reminds me a little of Red House Painters, but Peter’s vocals have a more tangible tone. “Los Angeles” is a wistful, sparse piano ballad that caresses the warmer facets of Peter’s voice, while the banjo accented “I’ll Forget You” is done in haunting light bluegrass style reminiscent of Nickel Creek. “Always” then merges that kind of country instrumentation with an atmospheric pop melody.

“So Are You To Me” – which originally appeared on the Eastmountainsouth album – is a simple, pretty love song that Adams wrote for his sister’s wedding, and “Keep Us” returns to the dusky sound of the opener. The finale “Song For Viola” is just that, a beautiful instrumental piece centered around Andrea Zonn’s viola. The rest of the album may not stand out as much individual songs, but the general tone is melodic and peaceful.

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