Introducing Silver Trees…

Nashville’s Silver Tress make pretty, indie folk-pop music that is at times reminiscent of The Rescues or The Civil Wars. So I, of course, love it. The following songs are from their debut EP, Paper Hearts.

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Introducing Ricky Valet…

Ricky Valet’s debut EP is a trippy carnival ride, or as they call it “minimal electronic/rap/witch music.” Trippy electri-pop tracks “Amongst Friends” (feat. Mothica) and “Stuck Up” (feat. Rachel Mason) bookend trippy rap track “New Oxygen” (feat. Dain the Sire & John Tabler). The entire EP is available as a free, legal download at Soundcloud.

Introducing Firewoodisland…

Firewoodisland are a Norwegian/Welsh indie-folk band. The music on their debut EP, ILD, is similar to Of Monsters & Men and Mumford & Sons, but there’s a slight Celtic twist to their multi-instrumental arrangements.

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Télépopmusik: New Songs, EP & Album!

French electro-pop duo Télépopmusik released their Fever/Try Me Anyway EP this summer, which is really two songs plus five remixes of those songs. You can hear the two original tracks, featuring Betty Black, below. Télépopmusik are currently working on their next full-length album, which is set for release by the end of the year.

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