Sarah McLachlan: New Album & Song!

As if new albums by Tori Amos, Joan Osborne and Natalie Merchant weren’t enough to make this a Lilith Fair Spring, Sarah McLachlan herself will release a new collection, Shine On, on May 6th. You can hear the first single, “In Your Shoes,” and read about the song’s inspiration at E!Online.

Shine On Tracklist:

1.In Your Shoes
2.Flesh and Blood
4.Broken Heart
5.Surrender and Certainty
6.Song For My Father
7.Turn the Lights Down Low
8.Love Beside Me
9.Brink of Destruction
10.Beautiful Girl
11.The Sound That Love Makes
12.What’s It Gonna Take
13. Little B

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Sarah McLachlan Official Site

Introducing Lizabett Russo

Transylvanian-born, Scotland-based, independent singer-songwriter Lizabett Russo humbly submitted her exquisite debut EP, The Traveller’s Song, to me for review. Upon listening, I’m shocked this girl isn’t worldwide news. Lizabett describes the EP as “3 songs of sadness and joy.” Each song has its own distinctively interesting style, but Lizabett’s unusual voice is the big draw here. Her otherworldly, robust lilt reminds me of My Brightest Diamond. I especially like the EP’s haunting folk-pop title track and the bluesy, trippy pop sound of “Tonight.” My only complaint is that it isn’t a full-length album. You can stream the entire EP and download a softer, acoustic version of “Tonight” via Soundcloud below…

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Lizabett Russo Official Site

Allison Crowe: Five Classic Mp3s!

As a thank you of sorts for my rave review of her new album, NewFoundland Vinyl (both here at Muruch and on No Depression), Allison Crowe’s management has kindly allowed me to offer five of my favorite songs from her Live at Wood Hall album as free, legal mp3s. “By Your Side,” “Crayon & Ink,” “Immersed” and “Whether I’m Wrong” are all original songs written by Allison Crowe, while “Believe Me If All” is a traditional song rearranged by Allison. You can download those classic original songs below and you can still nab four brand new cover mp3s in the Newfoundland Vinyl review.

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Muruch Classic Albums Appreciation Club: Week 22

Last week’s pick, Heather Nova’s Oyster, is one of my all-time favorite albums. It is Heather Nova’s masterpiece and I’ve never heard anything even remotely like it. In my review of Oyster two years ago, you can read the details of my discovery of the album and descriptions of the individual songs. As I said then, “Nova’s melodic music, the brutal honesty of her lyrics, and especially her beautifully unusual voice seemed like a whole new genre at that time. If you’ve never listened to Oyster, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Especially the songs “Heal” and “Island,” but there isn’t a weak song to be found on the album.

This week’s classic album is…Sinead Lohan: No Mermaid. You can read my review of the album here.

To recap the procedure here: At the beginning of each week, I’ll post brief thoughts on the previous week’s listening experience along with the coming week’s classic album selection. Then sometime in the week that follows, we’ll all take the time to listen to the album from beginning to end with no distractions. It can be as simple as just getting away from the computer to listen alone or you can make an event of it with candles, beverages and friends. Whatever format you play the album in or the manner in which you listen, just give the music your full and undivided attention.

Feel free to comment or email your opinions of our selections and recommendations for classic albums (from any decade, including this one).