Post-Rock Roundup: Free Mp3s!

Guest Post by: Brendan

A powerful live performance from Godspeed You! Black Emperor has been preserved at

The End Of The Ocean are offering a free, legal mp3 download of “We always think there is going to be more time” via SoundCloud:

The rest of their album is available on Bandcamp – you can “name your price” (including free) if you click on individual tracks:

Pacific·Atlantic by The End Of The Ocean

Fugue has released several albums as “name your price” downloads on Bandcamp.

Mogwai’s Fear Satan is available as a free MP3 at Amazon.

Explosions in the Sky, responsible for the sound of Friday Night Lights, have two live sets from 2007 and 2010 available from NPR.

My final selection is fantastically good, the debut EP by Industries of the Blind, Chaper 1: Had We Known Better.