Introducing Cross My Heart Hope to Die…

Cross My Heart Hope to Die is an exquisite new music/art project whose new EP, Vita E Morte, was just released this week. Cross My Heart Hope to Die features trippy, noirish music by producers DJ Muggs and Andrew Kline and sultry vocals by singer Bevi. The sound falls somewhere between trip-hop and Goth rock, which I love. Their live performances also showcase multi-media art installations by curator Sean Bonner.

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DeLooze: Glass Army

DeLooze’s full-length debut, Glass Army, more than lives up to the spectacular promise of its first single, “DeathStar.” The album’s eerie, theatrical rock is exquisitely melodic and amazingly worthy of the Siouxsie & the Banshees comparisons DeLooze has received – though she could just as easily be compared to Hannah Fury, Choirgirl-era Tori Amos and even Florence + the Machine or Muse on certain songs. DeLooze is far too unique to pin down to one comparison.

The stand out tracks on the album are “Nature Boy” and “DeathStar,” but every song on the album is truly magnificent and I love it more with each listen (of which there have been many).

I can’t remember the last time an album excited me as much as DeLooze’s Glass Army. This kind of bold, bewitching rock is a very rare breed these days. It’s sure to be on my best of the year list come December.

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Decomposing in Paris: Personal Ad EP

Decomposing in Paris has performed a few times at The Empty Glass in Charleston, WV. Their sound is sexy femme Goth pop-rock that calls to mind bands like Miranda Sex Garden, Rasputina and Lacuna Coil. You can listen to all four tracks and purchase their EP, Personal Ad, below…

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Mediaeval Baebes: Illumination

Mediaeval Baebes’ latest release, Illumination, churns the all-female vocal ensemble’s signature Gothic choir sound with even more exotic instrumentation, faster tempos and fiercer wails. The song cycle is brimming with dark drama, intoxicating rhythms and haunting choral harmonies that transport you to the Middle Ages. Stand out tracks are “Desert Rose,” “The Blacksmiths,” “Yonder Lea” and the gorgeous “Til ‘A The Seas Gang Dry,” which incorporates Robert Burns’ poem “A Red Red Rose.”


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Zola Jesus: Conatus

Conatus is the third release from 22-year-old Russian-American singer-songwriter Zola Jesus (a.k.a. Nika Roza Danilova). The title refers to an inate desire for self-development and reflects Zola’s interest and education in philosophy. Zola’s childhood training in opera seems to have also influenced the grandeur and scope of her dark and entrancing pop songs.

The dramatic electronic instrumental “Swords” melts into “Avalanche,” which layers Zola’s eerie, Siouxsiesque wails over simple but effective programmed beats.

Slinky beats, a chilling trill of piano and Zola’s haunting multi-layered howls make “Vessel” absolutely hypnotic.

“Ixode” is a Gothic disco and the catchy tempo of “Seekir” is slathered over a phantasmal backing choir.

Then “Skin” lets everything else drop away save for a lovely, sparse piano melody beneath Zola’s gorgeous, otherworldly voice.

The rest of the album pales in comparison to the aforementioned standouts tracks, but Conatus has more than enough overall fire to make it memorable.


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