The Definitive Leonard Cohen Cover

Allison Crowe’s definitive Leonard Cohen cover, “Hallelujah,” and her haunting choral rendition of Cohen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat” are featured on the Presents Allison Crowe album.

Allison Crowe Official Site Presents Allison Crowe Album Release! Presents: Allison Crowe has been released! The 21-track digital album is available for purchase exclusively on Allison Crowe’s official Bandcamp page, so 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the artist herself.

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Allison Crowe Launches New Bandcamp Subscription

Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Crowe has been Muruch’s musical mascot for ten of our almost fifteen years of music blogging because of her extraordinary talent, artistic integrity and her open support of mp3/music blogs.

Long before the mainstream music industry embraced the internet, Allison pioneered the digital music frontier by offering free, legal mp3 downloads on her website and music blogs like Muruch. She also released digital albums through her own independent label, Rubenesque Records, on Amazon before the practice became the standard. Maintaining such creative control and openness with her fans has at times been to her own financial detrimate and cost her opportunities for more widespread fame, but no other artist has such a flawless record of artistic authenticity as Allison Crowe.

So it makes me very happy to announce a new way for Allison Crowe fans to support and gain even greater access to her spectacular music. Allison just launched a new Bandcamp subscription service. Here’s the official video announcement from Allison and her dog, Link:

The $40 per year subscription gives you instant access via Bandcamp’s app to Allison’s entire back catalogue of albums and any new albums — all available for streaming and permanent download in the digital format of your choice (a feature lacking on other streaming services like Spotify). The subscription also grants exclusive access to the Allison Crowe fan community, a 15% discount on physical merchandise (now and future) and the satisfaction of supporting this truly independent musician in a direct and substantial way…

Allison Crowe Bandcamp Subscription

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Allison Crowe: Hallelujah Stream & Video

By now most Muruch readers have heard Allison Crowe’s cover of “Hallelujah,” as we’ve had the privilege of posting her gorgeous, definitive version of the Leonard Cohen song many times over the years. The song is now available for streaming on Allison’s SoundCloud page. It was Allison’s YouTube video of “Hallelujah” that first caught the attention of Man of Steel director Zach Snyder and landed our favorite Canadian singer-songstress a role in the new Superman movie. It boggles the mind why the film’s studio didn’t put Allison’s cover of “Ring of Fire” on the movie’s soundtrack or at least release it as a single. Check out the “Hallelujah” stream and video” below. And you can still download several new mp3s in my rave review of Allison’s new album, NewFoundland Vinyl.

Buy Allison’s Hallelujah Mp3 @ Amazon

Allison Crowe: New Tidings Album & Mp3s!

As we first announced here last March, Muruch’s musical mascot Allison Crowe has recorded an all-new, live album of her annual Tidings concert. The album features 19 in-concert performances and previously unreleased audio from Crowe’s popular “Hallelujah” video.

Though Tidings does include some holiday songs, which I’m not into, it has several other great, non-seasonal covers as well as Allison Crowe originals. My personal favorites are her covers of Joni Mitchell’s “River,” Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and Aretha Franklin’s “I Never Loved a Man (Like I Love You),” the mp3s of which you can download below.

Other highlights include Allison’s renditions of The Beatles’ “Let It Be” and “In My Life” and John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

The album also features a gorgeous, epic, extended, live version of “Disease” (originally featured on Live at Wood Hall and Little Light), which begins with a haunting piano instrumental intro of “Carol of the Bells.” You can stream or download the song via the SoundCloud widget below.

Allison Crowe – River (mp3)*
Allison Crowe – Hallelujah (mp3)*
Allison Crowe – I Never Loved a Man (Like I Love You) (mp3)*

*mp3s provided by & posted w/ permission of artist’s mgmt

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