Johnette Napolitano: Naked

Concrete Blonde frontwoman Johnette Napolitano has a 3-song solo EP entitled Naked. The EP is a preview of her forthcoming full-length solo album, tentatively set for release in September. Naked is, as the title suggests, a stripped down, acoustic set comprised solely of Johnette’s extraordinary voice and guitar.

The opening track “Here” is an unexpectedly simple and sincere love song.

“Memory Go” is a bit repetitive lyrically for my taste, but the vocal and melody are very effective in conveying a yearning to forget.

“Jazz on Vinyl” is not only the standout track on the EP, it may be my favorite song of the year. It’s a rich, gritty, substantial ballad. A real love song for a real love, drenched in tequila and classic blues.

You can also hear Johnette’s magnificent new work “The Witness” exclusively on the for RAINN benefit album.

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Luscious Jackson: New Mp3 & Album!!!!!

Luscious Jackson are back!!! I was just thinking this morning, as I was listening to Hole’s Celebrity Skin, about all the great albums, movies and books the “Millennial” generation has never heard of and briefly contemplated compiling a list before I remembered I barely have time to post about new music anymore. Luscious Jackson would be on that list. While many reference their hits “Naked Eye” from 1996’s Fever In Fever Out and “Ladyfingers” from 1999’s Electric Honey, my favorite LJ song remains pop/funk/disco tune “Here” from their 1994 debut, Natural Ingredients. Luscious Jackson will release their long-awaited, fan-funded, fourth album, Magic Hour, on November 5th on their own City Song record label. You can hear the new track, “Show Us What You Got,” and download a free, legal mp3 of “Are You Ready?” below…

Luscious Jackson

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