#Poetry Wed: “Sometimes a Horse” by Meredith McDonough

“becomes a man

and that man becomes a magician

as if to take control of his transformation

He cuts a woman in half

with a phony saw that curls

like a question mark

Is this how we become less he asks

as her waist widens to a breath-filled


-Read the entire poem at Hermeneutic Chaos.

#Poetry Wed: “​Nocturne: Tallahassee” by Amorak Huey

“The glazed night sky torques and writhes and buckles
over Lake Ella. We’re holding hands, sometimes

our wedding rings make an ugly clack.
It’s hurricane season. We like to think we’re safe

this far north of the gulf, though the air
is choked with salt…

…We cannot see the stars
because we hold them in our mouths—

a kind of sacrament…”

Read the entire poem at Hermeneutic Chaos.