Ingrid Michaelson: New “Girls Chase Boys” Video

Ingrid Michaelson’s new album, Lights Out, will be released on April 15th. Ingrid pays a gender flipped homage to Robert Palmer’s classic “Simply Irresistable” video with her video for the album’s first single, “Girl Chase Boys.” Check out both videos below…

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Katharine McPhee: Unbroken

Remember Katharine McPhee? Not the post-American Idol pop princess that so many (including myself) dismissed, but the vivacious brunette with the big voice who wowed us with her original audition of “God Bless The Child.” Well, she’s not a brunette anymore, but she’s still got that voice and this time around she’s put it to very good use. Her sophomore album Unbroken was released in January, and features an excellent mix of infectious pop melodies and singer-songwriter acoustics. Katharine co-wrote several of the songs with such talented singer-songwriters as Paula Cole, Ingrid Michaelson, Jason Reeves, and Rachael Yamagata.

The album opens strong with “It’s Not Right,” which layers pretty multi-tracked vocals over a sprawling piano melody. The catchy refrain “Had It All” was written by American Idol judge Kara Diogardi, the album’s title track was penned by Paula Cole, and Katharine co-wrote “Keep Drivin'” with Rachael Yamagata.

“Surrender” is the stand out. Katharine co-wrote this nearly flawless pop ballad with singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. It and the post-breakup anthem “Last Letter” are the kind of songs that used to make successful romantic movie soundtracks.

The production is a little too smooth for my taste at times, but otherwise this selection of songs is perfectly suited to Katharine’s elegant and tightly controlled vocals. Her multi-faceted voice effortlessly flows from impressive Divaesque acrobatics to a warmer, relaxed charm reminiscent of classic Carole King. Perhaps a better comparison would be Melanie, since the album closes with a fun cover of “Brand New Key.”

It’s a shame this wasn’t her debut. Judging from some of the bizarrely negative reviews I’ve seen, I fear her reality show past is deterring people from taking her music seriously now. But Unbroken is the kind of album that can make Katharine McPhee a true star if given the chance.

I was not granted permission to share an mp3, but you can hear samples at the links below.

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Katharine McPhee - Unbroken

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