Introducing Stereoshock…

Stereoshock’s “Au Revoir” is a gorgeous, cinematic, ambient instrumental – the most appealing I’ve heard aside from Bing Satellites or scores by Hans Zimmer. Stereoshock (a.k.a. 21-year-old Producer/Composer Josh Cohen) submitted the song with an eloquent description detailing his goal to make the piece an “uplifting, emotionally driven soundscape” with an easily accessible, universal central theme and a more personal, emotional undercurrent. The song is a great success at all of the above and more.

Our Streets Will Carry Echoes. Our Silence Will Live On.

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Introducing The Frozen North…

The Frozen North’s debut single, Origin/Electric Mistress, is a lovely, haunting, electro-classical instrumental work. A relatively new Warsaw band, The Frozen North features guitarist Neil Milton, a.k.a. the man behind Scottish/Polish indie label, Too Many Fireworks, and last year’s fantastic Variations on Chopin collection.

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Bing Satellites: New Mp3s & Full Album Downloads!

By: Brendan

The prolific Brin Coleman has several new Bing Satellites releases for your listening pleasure. Below are just a few selections, all available for free download at and/or a Name Your Price (including $0) download at Bandcamp…

Bing Satellites – Motif (Mp3 Download Page)

Bing Satellites – Motif One from bing satellites on Vimeo.

Bing Satellites – Und (Mp3 Download Page)

Bing Satellites – Live in Salford and Manchester (Mp3 Download Page)

A comprehensive list of Bing Satellites music can be found here. Brin also continues to release a 2-hour compilation each week on his Mostly Ambient Radio Show.

After an attempt to listen to more classical music, Vic and I have been listening daily to the soothing tones of Bing Satellites and can’t recommend it enough. Playing “Please Don’t Call Me Bill Baxter” on repeat had the effect of a hot bath on a cold day.

North Atlantic Drift: New Mp3s!

Fans of Air take note. North Atlantic Drift are offering free, legal mp3s of their beautiful, atmospheric, cinematic, panoramic, alltogether awesome instrumental tracks “Waiting in the Afterglow” and “Canvas.” Both songs are from their debut album, Canvas. You can download the mp3s below as well as a free, legal, 14-minute, 1-song EP “Scholars of Time Travel.”

North Atlantic Drift – Waiting in the Afterglow (mp3)*

*mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of band’s PR rep

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John Barry

Occasional Muruch writer Brendan was pulled out of the shadows again by the death of composer John Barry. I (Vic) would count Barry’s beautiful theme from Somewhere In Time as one of my all-time favorite instrumentals. Brendan’s thoughts on Barry’s work follow…

One of my favorite composers of film music died this week. Career retrospectives are easy to find, so I’ve decided to post a chronology of my favorite John Barry music.

The James Bond theme is perhaps one of the most recognizable pieces of music ever composed and I heard it many times in reruns of Bond movies on Irish television growing up. I also remember a Guinness TV commercial from the mid-nineties, which used “All the Time in the World” to great effect.

The first time I really noticed Barry’s music, perhaps sadly, was in The Specialist. His score for the film was sublime, and the track “Did You Call Me?” made it onto my 1999 mixtape, pretentiously titled Life: A Soundtrack.

Barry’s jazz-infused score for Playing By Heart: enhanced the emotional resonance of that underrated movie – the track “Remembering Chet” being a standout.

Then, at the dawning of the new millennium, I discovered Somewhere In Time. It was that rare trifecta in which book, movie adaptation and soundtrack all excel expectation. Barry’s score washed over me and has become one of my favorite albums. On a related note, the Jim Bajor CD of the same name, featuring a piano version of the movie theme, is also highly recommended.

In recent years, I’ve rediscovered some of Barry’s other work – his groundbreaking Midnight Cowboy soundtrack, his wonderful score for Dances With Wolves, and just this weekend, we watched Born Free for the first time.

His last score was for the 2001 film, Enigma.

John Barry died on January 30th, 2011 at aged 77.

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