Movie Review: The Words

Please go see The Words in your local cinema!

It’s such a refreshingly intelligent, well written drama. If nothing else, it’s worth the price of admission to encourage film making of actual substance. Not to mention to see the brilliant Jeremy Irons steal every scene he’s in.

The film should appeal to fans of Inception for its multi-layered plot, but it’s not science fiction or at all difficult to keep up with. And rather than a dream within a dream, The Words is a book within a book. Which this bookworm loved.

Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer who can’t get his own work published until he finds an old manuscript and passes it off as his own.

Jeremy Irons enters as the true author of that lost and found novel, which is then acted out in full (the book within a book) as he takes over narration. All of this was revealed in the movie’s previews, so hopefully I’m not spoiling anything here.

These stories are bookended and narrated by another author played by Dennis Quaid, whose own secret comes subtly to light in the climax of the film.

There’s some lost potential in what could’ve been a Hitchcockian tale of cat-and-mouse suspense between Irons’ and Cooper’s characters and the somewhat abrupt ending also leaves something (closure) to be desired. But in a time of increasing vapid, transitory action films and puerile, crass comedies, The Words stands out as a stimulating, heartfelt, elegant and truly unique film that’s very worthy of your attention.