Muruch’s 2014 Fall TV Schedule

Muruch’s Fall TV Schedule

Day / Time (EST) TV Show Network
Tues / 8:30pm The Mindy Project Fox
Tues / 9pm New Girl Fox
Tues / 10pm Chicago Fire NBC
Wed / 8:30pm The Goldbergs Fox
Wed / 10pm Nashville ABC
Thurs / 8pm Grey’s Anatomy ABC
Thurs / 10pm Parenthood NBC
Sat/ 11pm Moone Boy PBS
Sun/ 8:30pm Brooklyn Nine Nine FOX
Sun/ 9pm (often delayed) The Good Wife CBS

M-F Shows:
Wendy Williams (Various, Syndication)
The View (11am, ABC)
CBS This Morning (7-9am, CBS)
The Daily Show (7pm, Comedy Central)*
The Colbert Report (7:30pm, Comedy Central)*
Jimmy Fallon (11:30pm. NBC)
Craig Ferguson (12:30am, CBS)

M-F Shows, Depending on Guests:
Charlie Rose (PBS)
Tavis Smiley (PBS)
Conan O’Brien(TBS)
Jimmy Kimmel (11:30pm, ABC)

Occassionally Watched Reruns:
Friends (Various, TBS)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Various, WGN)
Grey’s Anatomy (Various, Lifetime)
Lark Rise to Candleford (Various, INSP)
Dr. Quinn (Various, INSP)
Quantum Leap (Various, Esquire)
The Twilight Zone (Various, SyFy)

Shows I’ll watch when they return or hit Netflix:
Billy on the Street (Fuse)
Drunk History (Comedy Central)*
Doctor Who (PBS)
Downton Abbey (PBS)
Worricker (PBS)
Outlander (Starz)
Parks & Recreation (NBC)
Halt & Catch Fire (AMC)
Mad Men (AMC)
Deliverance Creek (Lifetime)

*No Longer Available from Suddenlink

My opinion of new shows changes at the drop of a hat, so check back in coming weeks for deletions. Update: I’ve deleted all the new shows and a few old ones from the grid which I no longer watch. So much wasted potential.

I tend to multi-task while the tv’s on, so very few shows get my full attention. Those few are: The Good Wife, The Goldbergs, Grey’s Anatomy, Moone Boy, Billy on the Street and Doctor Who.

DVD: The Great Buck Howard

In The Great Buck Howard, John Malkovich deftly portrays a washed up, prima donna “mentalist” who hires law school dropout Troy (Colin Hanks) as his personal assistant and road manager.

The character of Buck Howard is loosely based on magician The Amazing Kreskin, a Tonight Show regular who once employed writer/director Sean McGinly as his assistant and appears in one of the dvd’s bonus features. The film also includes cameos by Tom Hanks, Conan O’Brien, Jon Stewart, Tom Arnold, George Takei, and Jay Leno.

As the story unfolds, Buck’s career enjoys an unexpected revival – unexpected, that is, to everyone but the egotistical and eccentric Buck.

Jay Leno unwittingly becomes Buck’s nemesis by first refusing to book the magician on The Tonight Show, then by bumping him in favor of Tom Arnold – an act that results in the film’s funniest scene, during which Buck calls Jay “Satan!”

The movie lags when Malkovich is absent from the scene, but it is worth seeing him play such an uncharacteristically flamboyant character.

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