The Innocence Mission: My Room In Trees

The Innocence Mission will released their new album My Room In Trees on July 13th. Led by Karen Peris, The Innocence Mission is one of those bands that have been tragically under appreciated by the rest of the world. As I said in my review of their beautiful 2007 We Walked In Song: “I’ve been a fan of the band since 1995’s Glow, which I randomly bought on cassette back in the day without having heard even one note. Back then they were often compared to The Cranberries or The Sundays, but The Innocence Mission has long since broken free of any comparisons. The band has recorded and toured with Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris, and 16 Horsepower among others. Most notable of these collaborations was the angelic duet of “When They Ring The Golden Bells” with Natalie Merchant on her Ophelia album.”

the happy Mondays, we blow down alleyways
in our raincoats, in afternoons
the imaginary dogs beside us
are old friends

My Room In Trees is said to be a “celebration of an everyday walk home from school.”

The entire album is pristinely pretty – from the atmospheric opener “Rain” to the fragile beauty of “The Happy Mondays,” which expresses an adolescent’s innocent longing for connection

Sparse arrangements are coupled with poetic lyrics full of scenic imagery and bittersweet emotion – all carried by the lovely soprano of Karen Peris.

Much like their previous release, these new melodies possess a warm, almost childlike charm. But while We Walked In Song shone with the bright, hopeful light of a clear summer day spent with a beloved friend, My Room In Trees has the recurring theme of an introspective, lonely – albeit resilient – walk in a gentle rain.

The Innocence Mission – God is Love (mp3)*
The Innocence Mission – Happy Mondays (mp3)*

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