Kate Tucker: The Shape The Color The Feel

Singer Kate Tucker reunited with backing band The Sons of Sweden for her new album, The Shape the Color the Feel. Much like the Seattle quintet’s self-titled debut, the new album’s greatest strength is also its Achilles’ heel – one stunning, standout track darkly overshadows the rest.

The stand out track of Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden’s debut album was “Everything Went Down.” On The Shape the Color the Feel, the stunner is “Give up the Ghost.” The secret to the success of both songs is the gorgeous juxtaposition of Kate Tucker’s airy soprano with a dramatic, almost melancholy arrangement.

Unfortunately, that exquisitely perfect balance of light and darkness is sorely lacking from the other songs. Having one great track is hardly a crisis in the mp3 era, but it gives the overall impression of an album comprised mostly of filler.

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Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden: Free Album Download!

Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden’s entire, fantastic self-titled debut (click for review) is available as a free, legal download on Noisetrade for a limited time. You can access the mp3s by entering your email address in the widget below and watch the video for my favorite track from the album, “Everything Went Down.” Kate has gathered a new band under the moniker Sons of Sweden and they are currently recording a follow up album.

Kate Tucker: Free EP Download

Kate Tucker’s 2007 debut full-length is still a favorite listen of mine, so I’m happy to hear she has a new release. Kate is offering her new EP, Ghost of Something New, as a free download via Noisetrade. You can access the download by entering your email address in the widget below. The official, complete EP with full artwork and bonus tracks will be released on March 13th.

Kate Tucker Official Site

Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden

The debut album from Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden is an enchanting little album of haunting folk-pop. Some songs call to mind the dreamy sounds of Trespassers William or Mazzy Star, while others are more akin to the eerie acoustics of Neko Case or Cat Power. The disc features a guest appearance from Damien Jurado.

The opening track “The Hours” and “Saturday Night” have swirling pop dreamscapes intertwined with piano and Kate’s melodic voice. The ballads “In Your Dreams”, “The Way You Went”, the string laced “Maybe A Pirate Stole Her Soul”, and the melancholic “The First Day Of The Year” have sparse, shadowy melodies.

The stand out tracks are the phantasmal Nekoesque twang of “Faster Then Cars Drive” and the dramatic “Everything Went Down”. The lyrics of the latter remind me of Jay Mcinerney’s The Good Life which sets a love affair in the aftermath of September 11th. Though I have no idea if the novel or the event served as inspiration for the song.

The darkly atmospheric “On The Radio” is another highlight, and Damien Jurado lends his voice to the finale “In The End”.

Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden – Faster Than Cars (mp3s removed)
Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden – Everything Went Down (mp3)
Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden – Saturday Night (mp3)

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