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Every Katie Herzig album and single, along with some bonus songs, to date is available as one big, free, 81-track album download called Retrospective at Noisetrade. Just click the download button on that page and enter your email address and zip code, then the download link will be emailed to you.

Peter Bradley Adams: Traces

Traces is the new album by former eastmountainsouth singer-songwriter Peter Bradley Adams. Written and recorded within six months of his previous release leavetaking, the new disc follows through on Peter’s pretty blend of languid folk and dusky Americana.

The songs on Traces flow seamlessly and beautifully together. So much so that it’s difficult to pick a stand out, but if I had to it would be the gentle ballad “For You.”

Also of note are the slightly darker, melancholy melodies of “I Won’t” and “Darkening Sky.”

Angel Snow sings on several tracks, and Katie Herzig lends her voice to “Family Name” and “Heart of a Girl.”

Singer-songwriter Claire Small returns for “I Cannot Settle Down.” I saw Claire perform with Peter at Mountain Stage last year, and also reviewed her solo album Ledger.

Peter Bradley Adams – For You (mp3 removed)*

*mp3 provided by & posted w/ permission of artist’s label. The above mp3 will be removed from my server in two weeks, but Peter has also made the song available for free download on his site…

Peter Bradley Adams – For You (download page)

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