Katie Herzig: Free Album Downloads!

Every Katie Herzig album and single, along with some bonus songs, to date is available as one big, free, 81-track album download called Retrospective at Noisetrade. Just click the download button on that page and enter your email address and zip code, then the download link will be emailed to you.

Balthazar Getty: Free Album Download

By: Brendan

The entire self-titled debut by Solar Drive (a.k.a. actor Balthazar Getty’s new music project) is available as a free, legal, full album download on Noisetrade. Standout tracks include “Some Say,” “Feel So Down” and “Where We Go From Here” – songs on which Getty’s voice is less distorted don’t work so well. The album ends with a pleasant surprise, “Monster” featuring vocals by Rain Phoenix.

Editor Update: Sorry, it seems the album has been removed from Noisetrade since this article was posted. You can sample & purchase it at Amazon.

Brooke Waggoner: Originator Free Album Download!!!

I have no idea why one of the best albums of the year is available as a free, legal download on Noisetrade, but it is. You can nab mp3s of Brooke Waggoner’s entire, exquisite album, Originator (click title for review), by entering your email address below. I was just listening to this album again this week in preparation for my year end list – on which it will most certainly appear – and I can’t recommend it enough. You can also watch the videos for my two favorite tracks from the album, “Squint” and “Rumble,” below.

Bing Satellites: New Mp3s & Full Album Downloads!

By: Brendan

The prolific Brin Coleman has several new Bing Satellites releases for your listening pleasure. Below are just a few selections, all available for free download at Archive.org and/or a Name Your Price (including $0) download at Bandcamp…

Bing Satellites – Motif (Mp3 Download Page)

Bing Satellites – Motif One from bing satellites on Vimeo.

Bing Satellites – Und (Mp3 Download Page)

Bing Satellites – Live in Salford and Manchester (Mp3 Download Page)

A comprehensive list of Bing Satellites music can be found here. Brin also continues to release a 2-hour compilation each week on his Mostly Ambient Radio Show.

After an attempt to listen to more classical music, Vic and I have been listening daily to the soothing tones of Bing Satellites and can’t recommend it enough. Playing “Please Don’t Call Me Bill Baxter” on repeat had the effect of a hot bath on a cold day.

Ben Sollee: Free Album Download

I can’t say I’m a big fan of Ben Sollee’s original music, but I do like his cover of Fiona Apple’s “Extraordinary Machine.” The cover is included in Sollee’s free Noisetrade album, The Hollow Sessions. You can download the album by entering your email address below.