#Poetry Wed: “I Am Weatherly and So” by Jody Rambo

“I am weatherly and so when I must fix myself in time, I choose
tethering tools that loosen at a tug, or ones made of water, wind,

something I can slip easily from…

…When I must live in a body (you see the problem here), I would rather

blend with trees, cast shadows, branch out in forms that shiver in wind—
mimic nature’s means of invisibility. Water-borne I was, and so to be rock,

to be earth, to be mass—to make heat & friction—to have particles that come
together to form something stronger than myself, is to be sure, to be lodged, to be

a force. Come now, take shape, I hear myself whisper—”

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#Poetry Wed: “My Mother’s Cars” by Alison Jarvis

the cold. Her cars. Her famously
bad driving.
My cousin Tommy once rode
a hundred miles on the floor
because he was too terrified to chance
a look out the window. Even my husband,
my new, second, husband,
whose calm, judicious nature
my mother and I both loved,
threatened to jump out the door
on her high speed town tour.
The new city hall! The municipal pool!
My mother applying lipstick
in the rearview!…”

Read the rest of the poem at Upstreet Magazine (pdf)