#Poetry Wed: “Until” by Victoria Lynne McCoy

“I’m afraid the poem will never leave me completely.
That this grief must need me, the way the bruise needs
the soft of a body. Why else do I survive
what she couldn’t? Why else am I left behind…”

Read the rest of the poem at Washington Square (scroll down to 2nd poem)

#Poetry Wed: “ghost thing stuck in my head like Emily Dickinson/like a pop song” by Elizabeth Gross

“…come to me amplified by summer hunger
in a bad smell at street level, some death
washed incompletely down the drain….

……some death
wears a new old dress on your birthday — ”

Read the entire poem at Electric Literature.

#Poetry Wed: “Weeknight News Reports” by Owen Ojo

“It’s 11 pm and death is on my mind,
accidents upon accidents, blood and gore
somewhere in the streets, she
is the time passing and sick, invading dark
people gone missing—could she have been?
No, says my sister, but she’s young and has no power

over things we can’t trust and things we can’t see.
I’m young and have no power, am small, never win
but I check the empty driveway, look up at the sky line…”

Read the rest of the poem at The Harvard Advocate.

#Poetry Wed: “Calling a Wolf a Wolf (Inpatient)” by Kaveh Akbar

“like the sky I’ve been too quiet  everyone’s forgotten I’m here
I’ve tried all the usual tricks / pretending I’ve just been made terrifying  
like a suddenly carnivorous horse   like a rabid hissing /
sapphire   the medical response has been clear   
sit patiently until invited to leave…”

Read & listen to audio of the rest of the poem at The Adroit Journal.