#Poetry Wed: “Competence” by Anna Kahn

“There is nothing in this room
for those who have not learned to
sing without thinking, who don’t know
where the music fits in their bodies, how
to smash it open and live it without tearing
the neighbouring muscles. We have nothing
for those startled by their own tone, who can’t
feel it before they breathe in…”

-Read the entire poem at London Magazine.

#Poetry Wed: “Social Contract” by Rachel Willems

“The politeness, not leaving any butter in the jam,
or jam in the butter, or shoes in the hall.
Not leaving any residue of who did what. Not leaving,
for that matter. One glass of wine while I make dinner,
while I rub our cut of salmon with honey and salt,
you read me the news—our division of labor…”

Read the rest of the poem at The London Magazine.