Rebekah Delgado: Mad World Cover Mp3

You can stream and download a free, legal mp3 of Rebekah Delgado’s pretty cover of “Mad World” below. Like most modern singers who tackle the song, she covered Gary Jules’ cover rather than the Tears for Fears original.

Rebekah Delgado – Mad World (mp3 download page)

Note: Mp3 hosted by & Soundcloud stream uploaded by artist’s PR rep & posted here w/ their permission

Falling Slowly on American Idol

I stopped posting about American Idol here years ago, mostly because they obviously don’t need my support to gain viewers and partly because I’ve been mostly bored by the show since the Jennifer Hudson days. But I must admit to liking Adam Lambert – his cover of “Mad World” last week was taken from the Gary Jules version on the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

Though I’m not into Kris Allen as much, I was excited that he chose to sing “Falling Slowly” last night. For those that aren’t familiar with the song, it was originally recorded by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (also known as The Swell Season) for the movie Once. If you liked that song, I cannot recommend the Once soundtrack enough. The album is filled with such beautiful, heartfelt melodies, which you can hear samples of at the links below.

Muruch’s Once Soundtrack Review

Buy Once CD