Maplebee: Home

Maplebee’s new album Home will be released on November 4th. Much like her previous release Hello Eve, the new album blends ethereal electro-pop and folk elements into creepy girl darkness. Maplebee is Melanie Garside, formerly of Queen Adreena and Mediaeval Baebes.

Home didn’t immediately capture my interest like Hello Eve did. Tracks like “While You Were Sleeping” and “Quiet The Silent World” are solid pop tunes, but would be much better if the melodies didn’t overwhelm Melanie’s voice as they do. It was her eerie wail in “Moth Touch” that first drew me to her music, and the heavy production on the new disc often prevents her voice from shining.

“Me and Rose” quietly slides in to make everything different and better. The tune blossoms from a slightly spooky hush into quirky Parisian melancholy accented with cello and accordion. The sweeter, simpler piano and guitar ballad “No Place” has a similar quiet charm.

Some of the remaining tracks fail to deliver on the drama they seem to be building toward, but there are definite exceptions. The swaying glockenspiel tinkle of “Mirrior”, the ominously seductive “I Want It All”, and especially the finale “This Face This Name” finally unleash some of the old Maplebee velvet snarl.

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Maplebee: Hello Eve

Maplebee at first seemed to belong in what I refer to as the “creepy girl” or “demented circus” category, which also includes Rasputina, Miranda Sex Garden, Mediaeval Baebes, Queen Adreena, and Lacuna Coil. This seemed particularly true since Maplebee singer Melanie Garside was once a member of both Mediaeval Baebes and Queen Adreena. But while some of her songs definitely fit that eerie description, her music also delves into electro-pop and folk. The Hello Eve album as a whole bears a closer resemblance to the eclectic sounds of Universal Hall Pass. Her voice is lovely, ranging from ethereal highs to seductive lows.

“Something” opens the album with a deceptively soft, subtle, acoustic tone with a touch of strings. “Alright (Build Me A House)” retains a bit of that softness, but hints at the darker side of Maplebee’s music.

“The Messenger” adds electronic beats to its mournful strings and vocals. “Sadness Landed” brings back the acoustics with an underwater echo to the music and vocals.

Tracks like “Rare Colors” and especially “Moth Touch” recall Maplebee’s spooky musical past with haunting melodies and the echoing vocals of a phantom siren.

The music of the title track fades beneath Melanie’s whispery soft vocals. “Fit In” begins with a pretty string and guitar arrangement that melts into a more typical singer-songwriter ballad.

The creepiness returns with “Cocooner”, which features rapid whispers and distant cries. “No Place” combines the acoustic sound with ominous lyrics and ghostly vocals for the finale.

The album also includes a bonus video for “The Messenger”.

Maplebee – Something (mp3)
Maplebee – Alright (mp3)
Maplebee – The Messenger (mp3)
Maplebee – Hello Eve (mp3)

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