Muruch’s 2014 Top Albums Playlist

Last week Muruch’s Top Albums of 2014 were revealed. This week we’re happy to share a Spotify playlist of every song (over 200!) from every album on our list except one (by a certain singer who notoriously pulled her music from Spotify). Enjoy!

Muruch’s Top Albums of 2014

It’s that time of year again! This year brought us several astoundingly brilliant releases (especially my #1-5), a shockingly pleasant surprise from a formerly disliked artist (#18?!?) and even more shocking disappointments from formerly beloved ones (Charlie XCX, Foxygen, Leela James, Lia Ices, Gerard Way). Here are the 20 albums I enjoyed most this year. Click the album titles for my original reviews. And you can listen to the albums in this Spotify playlist.

Muruch’s Top 20 Albums of 2014…

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Muruch’s Festive 50 Songs of 2014

Muruch’s Festive 50 Songs of 2014…

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Mirah: Changing Light

Mirah‘s recently released fifth solo album, Changing Light, has it all: cleverly poetic lyrics expressing deep emotion, heartstring-tugging melodies, lush orchestration and gorgeous vocals. The album features contributions from Mary Timony as well as members of Deerhoof and tUnE-yArDs among others, but Mirah’s honey-dripped, intimate vocal phrasing gives the impression she’s singing just for you.

Said the goat to the shepherd: “I will cut your throat, I will eat you whole,
I will let you know who’s in control of the mountain”

With those menacing lyrics wrapped in Mirah’s sultry croon, “Goat Shepherd” gives the album a strong and fierce, hell-hath-no-fury opening.

“Oxen Hope” follows suit with another mesmeric lyrical fable using beasts of burden as a metaphor for the brutal end of a relationship.

Mirah herself has called Changing Light a breakup record, but its beauty and innovation transcend the personal turbulence from which it was inspired.

The beautiful, string-accented ballad “Gold Rush” builds to an exquisite symphonic crescendo.

Another highlight is “I Am The Garden,” which seems to be a prerogative sequel of sorts to “The Garden” from 2002’s Advisory Committee.

Changing Light is one of those multi-faceted albums that gets better and more exciting with each listen.

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Mirah – Goat Shepherd (SoundCloud Page)