Movie Review: Words & Pictures

What a lovely film Words & Pictures is. Clive Owen plays an arrogant literature teacher and Juliette Binoche is his equally arrogant art-teaching rival. Their inevitable romance is more sarcastic than sweet and the personal demons of the two teachers threaten to make their mock “war” real. The best parts of the film are the literary quotes (by everyone from Shakespeare and John Updike to Ian McEwan and Jeanette Winterson) and various forms of art (from paintings and charcoal drawings to cartoons and cyber art) that are woven into the story. It’s an enjoyable, artsy, indie rom-com.

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Movie Review: You Will Be My Son

You Will Be My Son is an exquisite, mesmeric French film about family drama, a picturesque vineyard and a whole lotta wine.

The film centers on an elderly, coldhearted owner (Niels Arestrup) of a prestigious family vineyard who shamelessly plots to disinherit his own disappointing son (Lorànt Deutsch) in favor of his ailing manager’s more talented and charismatic heir (Nicolas Bridet).

A Chekovian beginning leads to a Shakespearean finale with plenty of beautiful scenery and winetasting in between.

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Serena Movie Trailer

I loved Ron Rash’s novel Serena, so I’m both excited and a little wary of the upcoming film adaption. I think Jennifer Lawrence was a good choice for the titular character and the new official trailer indicates the movie will stay true to the book’s gritty, rustic Depressiom-era setting…

Richard Linklater: Guest Programmer on TCM Tonight!

Tonight Boyhood director Richard Linklater will serve as Guest Programmer for TCM (Turner Classic Movies). As if I didn’t love him enough! Linklater will present three of his favorite classic films as co-host with TCM’s Richard Osborne. Here’s the schedule and film descriptions from the press release:

8 p.m. (EST) – Some Came Running (1958) – Frank Sinatra stars as a disillusioned veteran who returns to his Midwestern hometown in this adaptation of James Jones’ novel. Shirley MacLaine in an Oscar®-nominated performance, and Dean Martin co-star in the film, which was directed by Vincente Minnelli and shot on location in Indiana.

10:30 p.m. (EST) – The Asphalt Jungle (1950) – John Huston’s gripping film noir follows the planning, execution and aftermath of a complex jewel robbery. Sterling Hayden stars as a down-and-out gambler hired to help with the caper. Sam Jaffe co-stars as the mastermind, with James Whitmore as the getaway driver and Louis Calhern as the financial backer. Jean Hagen also stars, and Marilyn Monroe plays a small part.

12:45 a.m. (EST) – Fanny and Alexander (1982) – Ingmar Bergman’s award-winning drama follows the lives of a brother and sister who are members of a large Swedish family full of fascinating characters. Originally intended as a four-part television drama, Fanny and Alexander was re-edited for theatrical release and went on to win four Academy Awards®, including Best Foreign Language Film.

Movie Review: Run & Jump

Will Forte garnered critical claim for his performance in Nebraska, but the SNL’s dramatic debut in the lesser known film Run & Jump was just as noteworthy.

Based on a true story, the poignant Irish indie dramedy depicts an uptight neuro-psychologist (Forte) who moves in with a boisterous Irish family while conducting a case study on their formerly comatose patriarch.

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