Vienna Teng: New Musical Album “The Fourth Messenger”

Vienna Teng lent her masterful singing and songwriting to a new musical, The Fourth Messenger, and the album is now available for streaming and purchase via Bandcamp below. The Fourth Messenger tells the story of a modern, female spiritual teacher (Vienna) who claims to be Buddha and the journalist determined to expose her as a fraud. The standout tracks are those that feature Vienna’s gorgeous voice, especially the lovely ballads “Pebble in a Lake” and “As Long as I am Living.”

Vienna Teng Official Site

Introducing Heavy Hearts…

“Garden Arm” by Heavy Hearts is such a perfect rock song, I feel righteous indignation that it isn’t everywhere. It’s the first single from the Canadian band’s new Somewhere a While Go EP, which will be released on Feb. 3rd by Niagara indie label Indoor Shoes. Listen and download the free mp3 below…

Heavy Hearts Official Site

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