#Poetry Mid-Week: “Ode To Lithium #13: Snakes In Your Arms” By Shira Erlichman

“You are in the neurologist’s office for the fifth time in two months. “The tests came back normal,” He says. You exhale. On a separate note, you have just spent four days in a psychiatric facility….

…You are a poet and sometimes it helps you and sometimes it distances you from others.

He leans in. Whispers: ‘Do you really think that there are snakes in your arms?'”

Read the rest of the poem at Shira’s Official Site / @Shhhiraaa on Twitter

Radiohead: New “Burn The Witch” Video

I’m one of those old, cranky Pablo Honey/The Bends/OK Computer ’90s Radiohead fans who stopped following the band so much after the turn of the century. *creaky steampunk noises* So I’m happy Thom Yorke & co. have returned to that slightly eerie rock sound for their new song, “Burn the Witch,” and even happier the video pays claymation homage to The Wicker Man.

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