Damien Rice: New Album, Song & Video!

After an eight year recording break, Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice will finally release his third album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, on November 11th. You can hear his new single, “I Don’t Want to Change You,” at NPR.

Damien Rice Official Site

Introducing Kramies…

Here’s another overlooked gem from our submissions backlog. The title track from Kramies’ The Wooden Heart EP is a simply beautiful, panoramic pop-folk song. You can stream or download the free, legal mp3 below…

Kramies – The Wooden Heart (mp3)*

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*mp3 & Soundcloud stream uploaded by & posted w/ permission of artist’s PR rep

Josh Schroeder and Josh & Mer

Portland singer-songwriter Josh Schroeder is a very busy, very talented man. His solo single “Monster with a Golden Heart” is exquisitely haunting folk, lo-fi folk song. He also fronts the side project Josh & Mer, whose sound is gentle, melancholy folk buoyed by pretty harmonies.

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Muruch Weekly Playlist, 9-19-14

The songs I listened to this week that aren’t available on Spotify were “Away” by Heidi Saperstein (the free, legal mp3 I downloaded ages ago is still at Epitonic), some obscure classic rock remix with audio from the “More Cowbell” SNL skit and, while I also love the Susan McKeown version included in the playlist, the version I listened to this week was by Ewan McGregor & Susan Lynch from the Joycean film, Nora. Here’s the rest…