My Brightest Diamond’s Multi-media Baroque Opera

My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden continues her artistic magnificence with You Us We All, a contemporary, multi-media baroque opera shd composed with lyrics by Andrew Ondrejcak. YUWA was written for B.O.X., a 10-piece baroque ensemble, four singers, and one actor who inhabit the roles of the allegorical characters Virtue, Love, Hope, Death and Time. Shara explains more about the opera, its soundtrack, and some fantastic opportunities for donors in her PledgeMusic video.

My Brightest Diamond Official Site for RAINN Benefit Album feat. My Brightest Diamond

White Hinterland: New Song “Chill & Natural”

It’s been almost a decade since we introduced you to Casey Dienel as part of Muruch’s Surfacing series and 5 years since we announced her then new band White Hinterland. Since then, her sound has gone from quirky Vaudeville piano to somber indie-folk to the noisy party pop of White Hinterland’s new song “Chill & Natural.” I can’t say I like the new, radio friendly Casey as well as that eccentric singer-songwriter who once opened for The Dresden Doll. But I’ll take good pop over bad any day…

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