Donate to RAINN & Neil Gaiman Will Match It!

Author Neil Gaiman, one of the contributors to Muruch’s upcoming RAINN Benefit Album, has offered to match all donations made through Muruch’s Fundraising Page on for the next 24 hours, up to $10,000!

This is an amazing opportunity to double the impact you can make in the lives of survivors. For just a $10 donation, RAINN’s national sexual violence charity and helpline will be able to provide support to two more survivors.

Plus every donor who gives $10 or more through Muruch’s Fundraising Page will receive a copy of Muruch’s benefit album when it becomes available later this summer.

The satisfaction of helping RAINN’s most worthy cause and an album of magnificent music, poetry and art curated by your favorite music expert, everybody wins!

To donate to RAINN: visit Muruch’s Fundraising Page.

To submit art, music or poetry for the benefit album, see the Call for Submissions.

Muruch’s RAINN benefit album and fundraising campaign is tentatively schedule for an official launch on July 1st.

Anyone who has suffered from or is in danger of rape, abuse or domestic violence please visit RAINN or call the National Sexual Assault Hotline 800.656.HOPE. You are not alone or hopeless, you can survive and RAINN will help you. Everyone deserves a happy, healthy, safe life. Don’t ever give up.