Allison Crowe: Newfoundland Vinyl II

It’s here! Allison Crowe just released Newfoundland Vinyl II and it’s the perfect followup to her traditional folk masterpiece, Newfoundland Vinyl. Like its predecessor, Newfoundland Vinyl II is comprised of traditional Canadian, Irish and Scottish folk songs newly arranged, performed, produced and engineered by Allison Crowe from a local theatrical production for which she serves as Musical Director.

The jauntier Irish-influenced ditties “Paddy McGinty’s Goat” and “The Wild Rover” are very fun listens. Allison’s use of her own multi-tracked choral vocals as part of the arrangements continues to amaze.

My absolute favorite songs are the ballads: the shipwrecked first single “The Water Witch,” the soulful, quintessentially Allison Crowe sound of “30 for 60” and the album’s beautiful finale “Saltwater Joys.”

You can stream the entire album and watch the new lyric videos below…

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Allison Crowe: New Video & Album Announcement!

I’m used to keeping secrets for Allison Crowe, but this one was especially difficult not to shout from the hills. I drove everyone (online & off) crazy with my enthusiastic love for Allison’s traditional folk album, Newfoundland Vinyl. So you can imagine how excited I was to learn she will release Newfoundland Vinyl II on December 2nd!!!! Ahhhh!!! And here’s the first taste of the album, a lyric video for the traditional folk song about the 1875 shipwreck of a vessel called “The Water Witch.”

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